Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to look at the size and structure of body organs. Ultrasound gel is placed on the area to be examined and a probe is moved over the area to obtain the images. This procedure is performed by both Sonographers and Radiologists. A Radiologist interprets the images and provides a report. We perform a wide variety of ultrasound studies. We are also able to obtain 3 and 4 dimensional (3D and 4D) images of a pregnancy during the 5th and 6th months.

Types of ultrasounds done at Radiology West include:

• Abdomen
• Breast
• Carotid artery
• Doppler (Arterial and Venous)
• Obstetrics
• Pelvic
• Prostate
• Renal
• Scrotum
• Thyroid