Do You Have a Testicular Abscess?

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Testicular abscesses are usually complications that are affiliated with inflammation of the epididymis (responsible for storing and carrying sperm) that extends to the testis, or epididymo-orchitis. As such, they usually carry pathogens (infectious agent), which can be divided into those that are sexually transmitted and those that are not.
Testicular accesses are most commonly seen in young, sexually active males who usually have severe epidiymo-orchitis or have not treated it. Men with this type of abscess usually have testicular pain and sometimes fever and swelling for a few days.

Testicular abscesses, on a lesser scale can also be the result of a bacterial infection of an existing hematoma (due to testicular trauma). If the abscess ruptures through the fibrous covering of the testis then a scrotal abscess may develop.
Testicular/scrotal ultrasounds can help men determine if they have a testicular abscess. Ask your doctor about a scrotal ultrasound to see if your testicles are in shape!