Fluoroscopy is an x-ray imaging technique that captures real-time moving images of internal structures. Think of fluoroscopy as an X-ray movie.


Radiology West utilizes fluoroscopy to see the function and movement of organs such as the stomach, small intestine,  the urinary bladder, and in women, the fallopian tubes. Our radiologists can detect abnormalities, guide interventional procedures, and enhance diagnoses.

Learn more about our fluoroscopy services and how they can benefit you:

Barium studies- Barium, a safe substance, is swallowed, outlining the esophagus and stomach. The small bowel can be examined as well, and in certain cases, the large bowel. 

Urinary Tract- Cystogram. A contrast agent (dye) is placed into the bladder through a tube, and pictures taken to detect abnormalities. 

Micturating Cystourethrogram (MCUG). A catheter is placed from outside into the urethra in to the bladder. A contrast agent (dye) is injected which outlines the bladder. Pictures are taken while urinating to see if there are abnormalities. 

Fertility- Hysterosalpingogram. A catheter is placed into the uterus and contrast is injected to see if the fallopian tubes are normal. 

Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventional Procedures

Fluoroscopy is a vital tool for guiding various interventional procedures. Our skilled radiologists use fluoroscopy to perform procedures such as joint injections, lumbar puncture (spinal tap), hysterosalpingograms, and pain management treatments. By visualizing the procedure in real-time, we can ensure precise needle placement and optimal outcomes. Trust our expertise in using fluoroscopy to guide minimally invasive interventions tailored to your unique healthcare needs.

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